Passive Income from Amazon affiliate program

Passive Income from Amazon affiliate program

It has been long time since I updated on my Amazon affiliate earnings. As the calendar year 2020 is nearing to end in few days from the time of this post, thought of giving my readers an update on my FY20 earnings so far. Many of my regular readers know that I don’t actively work on my website that is monetized for Amazon. However the website makes a decent passive income from the Amazon affiliate program.

passive income from amazon affiliate program

FY19 earnings were close to $1400 with spikes over $200 per month in November and December, thanks to the Christmas season. Though it’s not a big amount to boast about, considering the fact I haven’t spent much time on updating the website, it’s a decent passive income. I was expecting similar numbers for the FY20 earnings, keeping in mind 1-2hrs per week on updating my website with fresh content.

To my surprise, FY20 Amazon affiliate earnings crossed the total FY19 earnings by June-20 itself. By end of June my total earning was $1466, giving me a hope it will be crossing $3K mark this year. The average monthly earning was fair and close to $250. Also, the trend was upward since January till May. April being the highest earning month so far with $355.

Traffic and conversions reduced for three months, from July till September. I could make only $220 in total from these three months, with an average of below $75. I published few posts on my website during Aug-Sept to bring back the traffic and could see increase in earnings October again. Also, as we could expect Amazon seasonal sales to peak up during this time.

October and November together made around $575 passively, averaging with $285. On the last month of the year, the affiliate earnings are $145 as on today (21st Dec) and expected to make another $60-$70 in next ten days.

Overall, my Amazon affiliate earnings for F20 is going to be close to $2500. I know many bloggers are making this figure on a monthly basis. However, its very decent money, considering I don’t spend much time on keeping my website up-to-date and these earnings are purely passive. Looking forward for another starting in few days, to cross this benchmark and set the goal higher. Thanks for all the folks who liked and shared my posts with their friends, hope this post gives some motivation.

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