Make Money with Amazon – Earnings 2015

make money with Amazon
Motivation plays a big role when you start affiliate marketing for the first time and fail to make money with Amazon for initial few months. In addition, I know how it feels when you start seeing some money in your affiliate account. Earning reports from other associates encouraged me and kept me on the track. Though I’m not a super affiliate, my earnings are growing month over month and that keeps me further motivated. By posting my earning reports here, I just thought of motivating newbies who would like to make money on Amazon associate program.

In total, I made $1502.46 in 2015 (90% of that came in last six months). It is a clear indication for me that the method is working perfectly and encouraging to put more efforts. Money makes money, as a reinvestment (very small amount); I bought Magic Store Builder and a new domain in December-2015. My new Amazon affiliate site was ready in minutes and results from the new site is promising. With these two programs, my make money with Amazon project is going strong and consistent $500 a month is highly attainable. Please share your success story here and motivate others.

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