InstantInfographics Review

InstantInfographics reviewA couple of years ago, a completely new marketing tool took over the world and made us laugh and buy – the infographic. Back then, in order to get one of those, you had to pay a lot of money to copywriters and designers and most entrepreneurs weren’t even sure if it would work for driving traffic and sales.

Well, it’s already clear that it does. Many social media and visual marketing experts have confirmed that, if created and targeted well, an infographic can help you increase highly targeted traffic, brand awareness and boost sales both short and long term. Growing popularity of Pinterest, Slideshare and similar platforms are examples how marketers are focusing on infographics to drive targeted traffic. Whether it is an affiliate product, your own product, list building or promoting an offline business, infographics plays big role in getting targeted visitors.

So why don’t you start using infographics? You think they are way too difficult and expensive to create? So did I, but not anymore!

InstantInfographics have created a simple solution. Their online platform for creating infographics is so fun and easy to use that I never have to wonder what to post on my business Facebook page or on Pinterest again. I just go to InstantInfographics website, register and get immediate access to:

  • A wide variety of built-in infographic elements. Even if I barely have an idea what I want to say, with their platform I manage to turn it into a winning statement.
  • Design solutions that are specifically created for InstantInfographics and the option to combine them with my own pictures, illustrations and other elements.
  • Amazing opportunities for getting more laser-targeted traffic to my website build a list of interested audience and use Pinterest to sell more! I can honestly say I didn’t believe platforms like Pinterest and Slideshare really works until I started using Instant Infographics.

Created by a team of experienced IT geeks and online marketing professionals, InstantInfographics is the best, most user-friendly software for creating infographics that is currently on the market. That’s my perspective of course, but I have tried and reviewed a few other ways and nothing worked as well.

Still wondering whether to try it out? Enough with that – get your FREE trial today and experience the fun to create awesome infographics within minutes. I did that and got hooked. I promise you’ll love it too!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – express your brand voice in a new way, start using InstantInfographics today!

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