Commission Gorilla Review

New to affiliate marketing or you have no time to create highly converting offer pages? Read this Commission Gorilla Review before you take decision. There are hundreds, if not thousands of ways to earn a decent side income from online. Unfortunately, people, who are making thousands of dollars every month, do not reveal all these methods. Quite few gurus sell their ideas and methods for a nominal fee, as payback to the IM society. Thousands of fake marketers abuse this very idea and sell few crap ideas that does not work.

commission gorilla review
commission gorilla review

Have you ever tried affiliate marketing and failed to make few sales? Have you ever notice how the big-guys are making money online from affiliate marketing?

If you have missed the clue, here it is, THE BONUS. Any experienced affiliate knows that offering few catchy bonus together with any promotion can produce more sale and bag lot more commissions. Two pro affiliates extensively tested this very idea of offering few bonus along with the product they are promoting and found that the method can quintuple the commissions.


Yes, exactly, what you have just read is correct! Chances of selling an affiliate product is five times more when you offer a bonus along with the product!

However, offering a catchy bonus increased chances of making a sale. It is definitely not an easy task to create bunch of bonus products and sales pages for them. It takes significant amount of time, efforts and money to create or find multiple bonus products. Finding good quality PLR ebooks that compliments the main offer is very hard to find. At least, it takes productive time that could be effectively utilized to find another main affiliate offer. This is where Commission Gorilla comes handy.

The clever software platform that literally makes affiliate marketers life easy. The well-designed system has an Easy to use “drag and drop” page builder to create high-response offer pages, bonus and delivery pages, with intelligent Reporting & Performance Analytic. You will get tons of bonuses; also can add your own bonus to the library.

Whether you are a newbie who does not know how to create highly converting sales pages. On other hand, you are an IM expert who create tons of pages but like to save time, this system help you create amazing looking bonus pages fast.

Commission Gorilla Features:

In addition to create stunning sales pages in minutes, the system also offers lot more features that boosts affiliate commissions. Here is quick review on some of the useful features the Commission Gorilla system offers.

Simple ‘Point and Click’ WYSIWYG editor. 

To create a stunning sales page, you do not need to know anything about HTML, CSS coding or web design. Alternatively, you do not have to spend a cent to hire a web designer. To the system helps you to create beautiful, high-converting bonus pages just in minutes by ‘Point and Click’ your mouse button. Easy to use ‘Drag and Drop’ system allows you to insert videos, images and impressive call to action buttons. We have not seen such an ease way to create stunning web pages!

Built-in Dashboard stats. 

It is easy to track high-performing pages with just a quick look at the Dashboard stats. It gives more clarity on what is working for you and avoids guessing.

Clone High Performing Pages.

Very useful feature for someone who always look for scaling up his or her business. Once you glance at stats and identify high-performing promotion pages, then all you have to do is just a mouse click to clone the page and fine-tune it for next offer. Your high-converting page will be ready in few minutes where it normally takes hours to do it in conventional way.

Bonus library. 

This software makes it easy to build your bonus library and use them in offer pages. The system allows you build the bonus library that you can drag and drop into bonus pages. The benefit of the system is you will have tons of bonuses ready to drag and drop on offer pages, helping you to create the pages in minutes.

Free hosting. 

You do not have to have a website to host bonus offers. At free of charge Commission Gorilla allows you to host bonus offer pages. Of course, you could also upload them directly to your website. To make is simple and easy to do, the system sports a plugin that uploads pages to a WordPress website like a breeze.

Automated bonus delivery. 

This feature acts like a huge time saver that means a lot during a rapid product launch! The system creates delivery pages at the same time you create your bonus pages. The system also allows you to ‘Drag and Drop’ pre-written text to create offer pages even faster.

commission gorilla Review

Built-in Social share buttons. 

With its built-in social share buttons, it is much easier to promoting your new bonus pages. The system helps you to build stunning bonus pages and social share buttons are just icing on the cake to promote them in seconds. Its ‘Drag and Drop’ system also allows your visitors to further ‘Share’ your bonus pages with their friends.

What you get with Pro-License (Lifetime). 

The Pro-License does not cost lot more that the Regular license. However, it offers tons of useful features to boost your earning to much higher level. Moreover, the Pro-license is one-time payment for lifetime access and support. The add-on features that comes with Pro-License make the most of your traffic and boosts your conversion rates by many folds. The lifetime license includes few high-gain features like exit pop-ups, attention bars, and countdown timers. You will even get a bundle of “done for you” bonuses that you could directly use during your next affiliate promotion!

Should you Buy this product?

Overall, in our Commission Gorilla review, we noticed the system makes the life simple for affiliates and internet marketers by ‘Drag and Drop’ features that create high-conversion sales/bonus pages. The system is so simple that a newbie could easily jump in and create stunning promotional offers. The platform designed in such a way that newbies could create offer pages in minutes and pro-marketers save huge time.

You will not find a better way to get your high-converting offer pages up and running in minutes. The Commission Gorilla system is so flexible. Also, it gives enough freedom to create affiliate promotion pages, lead pages, offline business promotion pages, bonus pages for your own products or even contest pages in minutes.

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