Amazon Affiliate Earnings – Conversion Boost

Amazon Affiliate Earnings conversion boostHere is a quick update on my Amazon affiliate program earning for July and how I got my conversion boosted. My websites got decent amount of traffic last month, not great compared to other super affiliates who work full time. As I do work for a 9 to 5 full time job and get some free time only on weekends to update my websites. I just posted four posts and traffic flat compared to earlier month. What was quite interesting is the conversion rate. The conversion rate went up to 11.29% from mare 4.15% in June. Stay tuned, I am going to reveal the secrete tweaks that helped me to boost the conversion rate.

Long story short: A thousand thanks to PotPieGirl’s Guide that helped to increase the conversion rate. 

Whopping 11.29% conversion rate from 726 clicks resulted in sale of 82 items, a good mix of high value and low priced tickets. 21st July recorded the highest single day earning, making $54.84 from seven items. Total earning from the Amazon affiliate program for July turned out to be over $350, not bad for a part time hobby.

Thanks to by logbook (a simple excel file) that I keep to record all the tweaks and tests I carry out on my websites. One of the signification tweak I made in the website is implementing one of the idea from ‘What Works Now’ from PotPieGirl Jennifer Ledbetter.

Revealing her methods here will be highly unethical and also triggers copy write violations, but I can give a slight clue for someone already bought the course, on which idea of her did the magic to Amazon affiliate conversion boost. There is no doubt that the eBook is filled with golden nuggets to optimize Amazon affiliate websites and boost the conversion rate, but some of the methods didn’t worked out for me, twitter promotion is one of them. To be frank, I was doubtful on the twitter method even before its implementation that could have led to poor implementation.

I was always in confusion when it comes to placement of ‘Call to Action’, many misconceptions were cleared out by PotPieGirl in her guide. A new tracking code created and implemented on placement she mentioned. Her another proven ‘Unique’ idea on highlighting links also implemented on same placement. In one sentence, that did the magic to boost the conversion rate to unexpected 11.29%.

I’m not confident that these two methods works good for all, but few other methods in the guide that didn’t work for me could do magic for others. It all depends on the products you’re promoting and source of your web traffic. Overall, the report is a must read for anyone serious about Amazon affiliate program and interested to boost their conversion rate. It saves lot of tail and testing time and shows exactly ‘What Works’.

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