Affiliate Marketing Scams : Staying Away From Them

affiliate marketing scamsNine to five jobs are frustrating and tiring to many of us. The main reason behind many startups are low pay, missing a passionate work, sense of being undervalued and boring projects. However, the risk factors associated with startups and initial investments turns down most people. A good news for those is Affiliate marketing.  Thanks for internet and revolution in internet marketing methods, Affiliate marketing opened doors for many to earn a decent passive income without any investment and risk. But beware of Affiliate marketing scams.

Thought you need a small investment if you would like to have your own website, there are many platforms where you can promote affiliate products without spending a dime. However, you must pay attention while promoting an affiliate product. There are numerous scammers take benefit of your promotions and make money for themselves without paying dues you deserve. Moreover, people are falling prey to promises on high paying commission for a little work. In this post, I’m going to explain some basic quick checkpoints to avoid promoting scam affiliate products and services. Read further to save your time and efforts by staying away from thankless job.

As an affiliate, you will be promoting either a product or a service. Typically, you will get multiple links to promote range of offers on products or multiples plans on services. You will find products and services ranging from a copy of eBook to full-fledged web designer software. In addition, topics ranging from weightless tips to rocket design techniques. What you choose to promote and how you promote is up to you, your earnings also depends on these two factors.
No doubt, you might have seen many ads that claims something like “Earn 1000$ a day with simple 5 minutes work” or Join our affiliate program and earn million in a month. If you pay attention to their sales pages, you will notice that they are not selling anything other than mere hope, or greed in many cases. Any affiliate product or service that is just promoting the opportunity to make quick buck is probably a scam. Make sure to read complete details of the program and the value they are offering to the buyers before you start promoting them. Whatever efforts you may put to promote the offer, your efforts go in vain if the product or service fails to impress the potential buyer.

Another important point you should keep in mind, real affiliate programs are free to join and participate. You do not have to pay to promote their products and services. They earn money from your promotions and efforts, which explains why you should not pay any fee. Stay away from programs that asks you to pay a joining fee or monthly membership charges. Do not confuse yourself with affiliate program joining fee and affiliate marketing tutorials. For a nominal fee, some guides as ‘What Works NOW from PotPieGirl’ teaches tricks and methods to earn a big money from affiliate programs.

Being our own bosses motivates many of us to start internet-based jobs; affiliate marketing is the lucrative way to begin. The beauty of the method allows you to set your own working hours and you are answerable to none other than you. Moreover, numerous programs pays you recurring commissions for a single sale. Affiliate marketing can be a brilliant way to earn a passive income for a highly motivated and creative person who can put some serious efforts. There are thousands, if not millions of high paying affiliate programs out there simply waiting for people to join and earn. Nevertheless, similar to all other programs, affiliate marketing too has tons of scam products and services.

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